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The St George Day STORYBOOK 2017


2015 StoryBook

"It is time
for all of us to
replace the old paradigm
of domination
with new models
of cooperation,
and human ingenuity.

Bringing creativity
to difficult situations,
we cultivate
expressions of
The New Earth." 

- The Storybook

The St George Day Storybook is
a FREE festival publication that is a venue for writers and illustrators to relate to the themes of the festival.

FESTIVAL THEMES INCLUDE: "All-volunteer labors of love; Resiliency through sharing; Cooperation; Creative invention; Forgiveness; Working together to resolve conflicts; Discovering commonality; "Enemies" become Allies. Showing up and joining in!
And Dragons. "

STORYBOOK helps to further the expression of the important themes of St George Day. All submissions are voluntarily contribute, and the publication work is voluntarily contributed.

STORYBOOK is a labor-of-love crafted by the folks at ETG Book Cafe, and printed by McKee High School graphic arts department.

ALL CONTENTS of these books are property of each author/artist, who have contributed their work to the festival STORYBOOK.

2013 StoryBook
StoryBook 2015 (PDF) StoryBook 2014  (PDF) StoryBook 2013  (PDF)
2012 StoryBook 2011 StoryBook 2010 StoryBook
StoryBook 2012  (PDF) StoryBook 2011  (PDF) StoryBook 2010  (PDF)

The 2015 Storybook features work by:
Nathan Jacquez, Sheryl Humphrey, Katie McCarthy, Stvjns Daughs,Rita Warren, Betsey Rosalen, Phyllis Alden, Jade, Aurora DeMarco, Julia Simoniello, Esme Mitchell, Scott Wegener, Ed Foley, Sally Sunflower, Aviva Denerovsky, Julie Bentsen, Owen Z., Amir Lopez, Jack Freedman, Eva Gross, Marilyn Ogbu, Ruby Lytton-Hirsch, Leslie Greenwood, Antonio Galica, Indira Ardolic, Sandy Foley, Rondell, Amanda Curtis, Cricket Diane C. Phillips, Eric Norcross, Mary Sigona, Julia Scott.

The 2014 Storybook features work by:
Julia Simoniello, Sheryl Humphrey, Mary Sigona, Stvjns Daughs, Richard Wonder, Susan Leigh Patrice, Stephanie Ratcliffe, Len Kaminski, Lys Rigante, Louis Bardel, Ezair Beausoleil, Marissa Elienne, TeresaMarie Corrente, Eric Lytton-Hirsch, Evangeline Gaia Felder, Daisy Darlington, Maguerite Maria Rivas, Jenna Snyder, Tony Galica, Chris Sorrentino, Jenny Lytton-Hirsch, Jim Gogarty, Wil Wynn, Victoria Thompson, Josephine Senese, Susan Vu, Marilyn Ogbu, Soojin Yoonsmith, Jonathan Jacquez, Vala Dawn, Aviva Derenowski, Samuel Kushnirenko Levit, Joshua Robinson, Ruby Lytton-Hirsch.

The 2013 Storybook features work by:
Julia Simoniello, Sheryl Humphrey, Ezair Beausoleil, Alex Ceratops, Stvjns Daughs, Eric Lytton-Hirsch, Nicole Cortese, Victoria Thompson, Ron Chirona, Tatianna Speede, David Kunin, Mariel Avedon, Abraham Kunin-Fenton, Victoria Booth, Anthony Antiquera, Gregory Dickerson, Mary Sigona, Aviva Denerowski, Jaclyn Lurker, John Sykes, Liam Mehlich, Josephine Senese, Phobe Blue, Marilyn Ogbu, Chloe Liotta-Jones, Ray Pape, Danny Burmeister, Michele Gutierrez, Maguerite Maria Rivas, Scott Wegener, Jenny Lytton-Hirsch, Ruby Lytton-Hirsch, Simone Johnson, Ira Goldstein, Joyce Goldstein, Brooke Haramija, Scott Lobaido, Chris Sorentino, Rebecca Moore Frey, & Michael Stipkala.

The 2012 Storybook features work by:
Chris Sorentino, Sheryl Humphrey, Mariel Avedon, Stvjns Daughs, Scott Wegener, Eric Hirsch, Ruby Lytton-Hirsch, Kat Beidler, Margueritte Maria Rivas, Eugene Daughs, Alex Catalano, Nicolette Guida, Samantha Tyson, Brendan Coyle, Dennis Green, Bernard King, Marilyn Ogbu, Steve Jones, Aviva Derenowski, Nina Gross, Ezair Beausoleil, Alex Cinelli, Duskenwolf, Ira Goldstein, Lou Russo, Phyllis Alden, Nicholas Ward, Nina Ward, Alexander Cohen, Gary Moore, Michael Carpenter, Cheri Brunalt, Abraham Fenton, Edward P Walsh.

The 2011 Storybook features work by:
Richard Clark, Leena Abdo, Stvjns Daughs, Ezair Beausoleil, Mary Sigona, Crystal Hoffman, Cheri Brunalt, David Kunin, Laura Saba Coe, Mildred Gordon, Moen, Gary Moore, Eric Hirsch, Leslie Greenwood, Henry VanCampen, Steve Jones, Anna Matopoeia, Robert Civello, Marilyn Ogbu, Maria Fontanarosa, Marilyn Kiss, Abraham Kunin-Fenton, Fern Metcalf, Melissa Cutloff, Leslie Chow
, Kayla King, Edward Weiss, Margaret Bashaar, Viduna Nambukara, Mariel Avedon.

The 2010 Storybook features work by:
Ezair Beausoleil, Chloe Liotta-Jones, Eric Hirsch, Gordon Reggae II, Tommy Bones, Amanda Curtis, Brendan Coyle, Phoebe Blue, Katie McCarthy, David Kunin, Colin Spink, Jim Full, Mariel Avedon, Stvjns Daughs, Gary Moore, Dusken Wolf, Cheri Brunalt, Ira Goldstein, Joan Caddell, Robert Civello, Aviva Bezilla, Leslie Greenwood, Spiritwolf, Abraham Kunin-Fenton.


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This ST GEORGE DAY FESTIVAL OF EARTH DAY AND ARTS CELEBRATING COMMUNITY AND DRAGONS is made possible in part by funding and people power from the Every Thing Goes Stores, and by a DCA Premiere Grant from the Council on the Arts and Humanities on Staten Island with public funding from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, and a grant from Partnerships for Parks of City of New York Parks & Recreation and the City Parks Foundation, major help from GrowNYC and
CATPAW, the Community Association of Tompkinsville Park Promoting Arts and Whimsy!